Monday, 16 April 2018

The FUTURE of L&D – Are you Ready in Malaysia?

Dear HR, Training & L&D Department,

The FUTURE of L&D – Are you Ready in Malaysia?

When a client provides TLMM with a task to source for trainers, we just don’t find trainers from the streets’ but literally do careful diligence to source the best of the best 3 strong expert trainers.  Further more we will not just match but ask very relevant questions to the Training/HR or L&D teams to WHY/WHAT/HOW based on the contents needed and application processors back to their employees (learners)

Most often, we realize majority Training/HR or L&D champions hardly have a clue (on their learners style of learning and their maturity level on adoption of what works best.  Hence we wish to share with you on what is going on Internationally and how we in Malaysia can adopt this approaches slowly  but surely.

  1. The future of L&D is digital, take a look at what can be early adoption learning tech options that you and your employees can do.

  1. ATD surveys on microlearning found that 92 % of companies that currently use microlearning expect their organization to increase its used of microlearning next year. Talent development professionals also suggest that microlearning courses should ideally be 10 minutes long.

  1. Inside Higher Education has just released:  “Lifelong Learning Through Alternative Credentials,” a collection of articles - including one on Udacity’s nanodegree programs - that cover alternative education options for professionals looking to develop new skills.

  1. Micro-learning, social learning, and AI and virtual reality are among the learning technology trends highlighted by L&D experts in HR Dive.

An HR Dive feature suggests that e-learning can close the skill gaps for BLUE COLLARS but that companies in the manufacturing industry will be slowest to adopt learning technology since a majority of their training investments may go to compliance training instead.

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