Monday, 16 April 2018

2 Tips to KNOW: Are you an Invisible L&D/ Training/HR person?

Dear HR, Training & L&D Department,

2 Tips to KNOW: Are you an Invisible L&D/ Training/HR person?

L&D, Training and HR Champions does lots of operational work for the company but my question to you is, is your task/projects being recognized from the top as a change driver to the business that will increase more profits to the business?  If you don't know and you would like to know how to be visible to the top management, here are some ideas:

1.Start thinking of your training programs as a business.  Your participants are your customers. Hence as a customer you need to be tip top not just in operational duties (module designing, trainer sourcing, training rooms, food, level 1 and 2 evaluation data) but you need to also think from a strategic point of view. 
Ø  Start with:

a. Identifying how employees are already developing and then enabling whatever technology or content that involves
b. Partnering with other human capital functions, as well as line managers, to ensure that experience-type learning is happening
c. Ensuring that systems and processes make it easy to find expertise in the organization and don’t hinder communication 

2.  Re-engineer your Vision and Mission of what are your end ROIs after programs are done.

Ø  Start with:

a. Trainings not to be just Level 1 and 2 but BEGIN with Level 3 (project based training) – Contact TLMM, if you wish to have a simple Level 3 system.
b.  Re-look into 7S McKinsey model and map out your Vision and Mission in this manner.
c. Start having discussion groups and make sure you Speak Like a PRO.  Don’t mumble away as you are in charge of training and you are supposed to be wiser than everyone else.  If not no point you are in charge of training right?

When you do this 2 process steps, you will be made visible very soon.

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