Monday, 16 April 2018

3 Secrets on How to Find the Best of the Best Trainers?

Dear HR, Training & L&D Department,

The Learning Matchmaker has a record of 5000 training providers in Malaysia.  But this does not include free lance trainers which we estimate 15000 people.  The numbers keep on growing due to low barriers of entry which is a great opportunity for many people who wants to make their career as a trainer. However as an employer, we get confused at times on the sourcing of the best of the best trainers.  Here are our 3 secret tips we wish to share with you on one of our competencies on how TLMM (The Learning Matchmaker) sources for trainers.

3 Secrets on How to Find the Best of the Best Trainers?

1.    Trainers Open Doors and Help participants to Create Opportunities for Growth: A trainer who has already had the experience and connections can help open the doors of opportunity that participants don't know about yet or have access to (helping you to design a better framework of program rather than follow outride what you have given). A trainer that is willing to give more rather than hold back his knowledge because he is not paid enough.

2. Trainers Can Help you develop participants Abilities and Strengths: A good trainer will set you up  to succeed, not leave you alone to fail.  A good trainer should challenge you to go a step further in training and even though it may be costly a good trainer can give this for FREE should budget become an issue.  Trainer does profiling test * evaluates the data with participants in advance before beginning the workshop (which can be easily found on line for FREE).

3. Trainers Set the Pace and are an Example: Trainers show you where to go and what to do.  The will help you to stay motivated and challenge participants thoughts constantly but following the pace of your participants.  

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