Monday, 16 April 2018

Reasons of Having Spontaneous Thinking Element Crafted into Every Soft Skills Program

Dear HR , Training and Learning & Development Heads,

Recently I celebrated my dads 70th birthday.  But we planned this event a month back.  During the celebration, we had many hiccups (unforeseen) and I realized not many of my family members could think spontaneously to rectify this situations.. this got me thinking back to ‘how can we teach employees (learners) the art of Spontaneous Thinking’ and this needs to be designed as part of an element into every soft skill curriculum.

Looking back at workplace applications, after a training workshop is completed, what if there is a crisis or an unforeseen situation that occurred based on the same subject titles the employee (learner) attended? Can he solve this immediately? Or he would not be able to remember anything and screw up resolving the situation?   Thinking about this, I decided to ensure that every soft skill program must have an element of Spontaneous Thinking into the Curriculum.  Here are reasons Why you should have this built into your contents.

Reasons of Having Spontaneous Thinking Element Crafted into Every Soft Skills Program

We all need to know that training is just meant to provide the right skills and right tools for employees (learners) to move forward.  The real deal here is workplace applications which falls under Kirk Patrick’s 4 level of evaluation. However how much the employee have learnt he needs to know how to think spontaneously as whatever happens in the workshop will not necessary be practices in real time. So here are the reasons of why we think Spontaneous Thinking is a crucial element that needs to be crafted into every soft skill program.  TLMM will do this for you very well.

  1. The tools learnt is just a guidelines for your employees (learners). Whatever happens in real time workplace (meaning your office) is most definetly linked to the tool you learnt. In other words you need to use Spontenous Thinking that links directly to the tool you learnt and resolve the problem you are facing immediately.

  1. Staying fresh and relevant to ‘real problems that can occur’. With our ever changing economic conditions, every business needs to innovate and constantly revolve.  Hence L&D, HR and Training departments needs to realise this and find best ways of teaching spontaneous thinking and linking this directly to recent problems occurred

  1. Exercising and sparking Creativity.  When you have spontaneous thinking element crafted in your soft skills program, you will move your employees (learners) thoughts. You will teach them not to stop and think but to do whatever comes to mind.

Stay tune to my next article on How to design the right Spontaneous Thinking Action Learning Role Playing Situations:

Quote for September 2017:  Passion is the 1 thing that helps you create the highest expression of your talent. 
If you are in L&D, HR or Training Department, it means you need to lead your people to highest forms of learning. So be passionate yourself to learn!

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