Friday, 7 July 2017

HR, Training & L&D Departments should be Masters of Change. Not Victims.

Dear HR , Training and Learning & Development Heads,

HR, Training & L&D Departments should be Masters of Change. Not Victims.

Being the change yourself in HR, Training and L&D is a tough journey.  You need to work within your boundaries. IF YOU DON’T CHANGE, in the end you will just be one of those many people that follows what has been done and will never make an impact or a shift in thoughts. 

TLMM has a clear vision of helping many HR, Training and L&D teams to empower their thoughts and think differently rather than just being a 'follower'. 

Here are some tips I wish to share with you that you can make a change in the areas of sourcing and hiring the right trainers and training providers for your company:

ü  When screening for a trainer:
1. Don't start with making sure content is crystal perfect.  Because content is just content.  The trainers can cut,  paste, copy from any book you read or online.
2. Start first by screening the trainers practical experiences  & really knowing their proven credibility.  
3. Once that trainer is found, content follows in the 'making' (customizations).

ü  When aligning your goals and visions for your learning methodologies and content:
1. Think and act strategically, not just tactically and operationally. 
2. Find, define, and justify valid and any objectives based on performance data and on empirical evidence.
3. Use and align three levels of planning and results: societal/mega, organizational/macro, and individual/micro.

ü  When gathering data for the right content needed:
1. Collect needs (not wants) assessment data and use that for deciding your choices of where to head, what you do, and what you deliver; needs are gaps in results not lack in means and resources.
2. Select the right tools, such as Lean Six Sigma, balanced score cards, e-learning, learning objects, for measurably improving performance based on needs assessment data. Don’t start with a solution before you know the problem.
3. Be rigorous about evaluation and continual improvement to assure that you and your organization adds value within and external to your organization. 

When you have certain plans set for your L&D department, your stakeholders and immediate bosses will be able to allow you to be the Master of Change. 

Masters of Change are only trusted ‘well enough’ for big changes; when they (your stakeholders/immediate bosses) see you are doing small bits of changes within your confined boundaries and winning that arguments with a proper justified case of solid data.

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