Friday, 13 April 2018

The Curse of an L&D’s analytical mind

The Curse of an L&D’s analytical mind

Dear HR , Training and Learning & Development Heads,

Well the learning article we wish to bring forth to your attention here is
‘ How much more wrong decisions can an analytical person make with regards to ‘Interviewing Trainers, Designing a training Module or even as simple as Marketing the Programs?

So if you or your team in HR, Training or L&D are analytical minded…oh boy…you better be in for a big surprise. 
I have taken some enlightenment from my dear husband who is an Analytical ‘die hard thinker’ and used his patterns for my further understanding.  Here are my top 3 ‘points – I don’t call it a curse – its just marketing talk’.

  1. An analytical person may not be easy to buy anything
    1. Imagine having a trainer offering his creative approach towards a particular need.  An analytical person will immediately in his mind have a ‘NO-NO’ because this is not planned for or thought of.
    2. A creative person on the other hand will take that solution offering and bring this up to higher authorities with a good ‘cost benefit proposal’ to bring the idea forward.

  1. An analytical person may be habitual.
    1. Imagine having your same old training processors for the last 10 years and still not changing it just because the processors are carved in stone.  An analytical person who is in this role doing the same processors over and over again will not bring anything new to the ‘table’ but in fact drown and make it even worst.

  1. An analytical person is definitely a ‘poor marketer’.
    1. The first rule in business is always to have the right marketing strategies.  Training/HR and L&D Folks need to treat their department as a business.  If you don’t know how to sell your programs to your audience, all other efforts you are trying and have done will be wasted

Do wait for my next article on how an Analytical Minded L&D can become also a Creative L&D

Quote for August 2017:  We Cling to Memories as if they Define Us.  But What We Do is What Defines Us.

Cheryl Lourdes & the MatchMakers (We love creative changes)

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