Friday, 7 July 2017

We all need to develop Intuition

              Dear HR , Training and Learning & Development Heads,

 We all need to develop Intuition

 We all need to develop intuition.  What more you are the leader of HR, Training and L&D.
 Yesterday, we had a very good webinar session on our topic above. For those who have missed this  session, here are some great points for you to adopt and learn together.

1.      Understand our Brain activity level and then learn why you are reacting as such
-          Know if you are left or right brain first
-          In summary you need to have 50% left and 50% right

2. Understand that after getting an intuition you need to converse this through a proper communication process
-          A conversation is a process that has 3 parts to it.  Its an Introduction, Content and Closing

3.      7 points of sustaining and developing intuition
a.    Recognize that intuition exist. – we all have it.  The fact is do we know it?
b.   Have silence and observation moments – during your 8 hours of workday, find timewhy not your lunch time?
c.   Search for signs outside of you – there can be signs that you see maybe during your way back home in the car
d.    Dedicate time to listen to yourself – keep calm and listen to your heart
e.    Ask the correct questions – start with HOW can I …
f.     Take Immediate Action  -  ACT on your intuition thoughts
g.    Believe totally in yourself (after asking the question) – let go and receive

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