Tuesday, 6 June 2017

THINK: How do you plan for your next quarters learning programs?

Dear HR , Training and Learning & Development Heads,

THINK: How do you plan for your next quarters learning programs?

Planning for Next Year?  Things to THINK ABOUT apart from just relying on your TNA. Here are some Malaysian tips based on the case studies we have. 
Hope you do practice this.

Should I conduct a 2 days training comparative to a development program?

a.      Understand firstly Who are your participants?
-          Find out their maturity in learning.
o   Have they already been exposed to knowledge and skills upgrades before this.
o   Are they independent themselves when making decisions or leading teams
o   Are their performance gaps you had identified reduced over the years or it has increased in different contributing factors

Adult Learning in Malaysia – our culture
-          In Kebangsaan schools we are not thought to think and be proactive.  We are all spoon-fed. SO how in the world are we able to remember all that is learnt in 2 days training?

Adult forgetting curve – Each of us has different types of memories. According to Ebbinhaus study on the Forgetting Curve, its researched that humans tend to forget of what they have learned in a matter of days or weeks unless they consciously review the learned materials (in this case we need Level 3 assessments – assignments, coaching, test).

Cost Saving Programs
In Year 2017 and Y2018, market conditions are going to be tough.  Companies are reducing manpower and becoming lean to save cost and increase productivity and keep on selling to sustain during the upcoming downturn.  So what can we do as L&D, HR and Training Heads?
-          THINK BIGFocus only on programs to drive higher volume of sales for your company.  Focus only on helping your strategic heads, production staff and front liners upskill their knowledge and competitiveness to make business more excellent holistically.
-          Find only the type of programs to reduce cost, and improve front liners skills and if possible how to rectify behavioural changes within a 4 months turnaround time.

How to be more Valuable to your Company?

Why:  TLMM has found out many training hods and executives are being job rotated or asked to leave as the department is closed down.  Training Managers had been given the resignation letter or VSS to leave.


Don’t do the same thing that you have been doing.  You have to proof to your company that you are very valuable to them.  Do more projects for your company and present more reports and data to them.  Show them you can do it!! 

HOW?  Maybe:  Study your learners maturity level in understanding facts.  With this data its easy to know how to spot a successor or spot a person that may need to be promoted.

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