Thursday, 29 December 2016


Dear HR , Training and Learning & Development Heads,
I hope my previous articles of Don’t Let Criticisms Chase People Away, have somehow or rather awaken you up! Dare to Change by Sun Tzu will certainly teach you how to cope with criticisms. Happy reading folks, and wishing you an awesome 2017!

Dare To change

Managers of such caliber tend to take a different approach towards strategy. Their strategic approach is not so much a choice of which analytical tool or planning model to adopt but rather their courage to be different – moving away from conventional ways. You have to do the unexpected.

Doing The Unexpected

While the struggling or failing companies would stick to conventional means of doing business, the successful ones will put the following advice by Sun Tzu into practice:

“Attack where he [the enemy] is unprepared; appear where you are least expected…’


“When I wish to avoid a fight, I can prevent an engagement even though the battlelines have been drawn by diverting my enemy with something odd and unexpected…”

And again,

“…move by using unexpected routes and attack where he [the enemy] has made no defence.”

This emphasis on doing the unexpected is something which most managers feel most uncomfortable in doing. This could be why there are so few winners.

A Case Study of A Challenging Conventional Practice

Richard Branson, the CEO of Virgin Atlantic Airways, has a knack for doing the unexpected.
Virgin subsequently used the cost saved to introduce reclining sleeper seats for the comfort of the business-class passengers. It also provides them with chauffeured limousines as transportation to and from London and the airport. Later, they replaced the limousines with specially designed motorcycles – LimoBikes – to beat the increasing city traffic snarls. Due to such creative approaches, Virgin attracted not only a large share of its competitors’ economy-class and first-class passengers.

In summary, as Sun Tzu says

Quote for y2016 December:

“Therefore, a skillful commander puts himself in a position secured against defeat and misses no opportunity to defeat his enemy through changes.”

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