Tuesday, 6 June 2017

How to slowly build a Learning Community to Improve TRAINING ROIs

Dear HR , Training and Learning & Development Heads,

Please don’t go stuffing down training programs just because your TNA says so!!

If your employees are still slow in adapting to your learning programs, they have not changed…etc.., its time You need to relook at some strategies. (Go back to your drawing board)
One simple step I can share with you is to start with asking these questions:  Are your employees LEARNING MATURITY AT A LEVEL you are happy?

Let’s bring back learning maturity to our Malaysian employees…here are some tips from TLMM that we like to share with you based on my own  expertise of 17 years of research in this training industry.

How to slowly build a Learning Community to Improve TRAINING ROIs

-People needs to understand their own learning styles first- Do a Learning Survey to diagnose learning capabilities your people have.
Test there learning styles & thinking skills -  through simple surveys (ask us the assessment, and we can share this with you -  FREE of course)

- Formal workshops - change the classroom methodologies to more on using Games, Mobile APPs (Augmented Glasses) or Cards.

- Develop HODs to love learning and make them your advocates (so they are committed to love learning first).  Use interventions as book circle readings and sharing the book to others (implement this method as knowledge sharing)  in other words we are indirectly forcing them to READ!

 - If Training KPIs are not formalized yet, cultivate Best Learner of the Year Award – This can be based on the merits (credit points) the trainer can partner with you together for each program through points systems

-Showcase Latest Learning Products (e.g. Brain Games, Augmented Reality apps etc. – Have an Open Day)
- Set up booths of different learning technology.  Get your employees interest to show off fun learning products. No need to buy from vendor.  Gather survey from their observations here

- Get employees to enroll freely into a Digital Space Technology (there are many open source sites you can enter for FREE)
- Invest in a ESpace that you can store all the relevant training materials, training videos etc. 

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