Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Maturity of your Organization in areas of LEARNING (5 areas to know)

Dear HR , Training and Learning & Development Heads,

Ask yourself this question:
-          Why are my training programs not being recognized as a successful program by the management?  I did all the work, found the right trainers and even there is proof to show the effectiveness of the training is achieved.  But how come its not impactful to the organization holistically?

If you would read my previous article, I touch based on Tips to Build a Learning Community, and I shared about maturity growth of employees which I wish to explain in this article.

Maturity of your Organization in areas of LEARNING (5 areas to know)

In our Malaysian reality – when I studied more HR/Training departments in KL area, I realized that the approach is they assume things about learners (rather than do an actual learning audit on their maturity towards what learning has happened for them and can do for them).

So do you really understand the maturity of your Organization in areas of LEARNING? Let me share with you.

-Study the Organization dimensions (business objectives and priorities)
-Study the Delivery dimensions (measure ability to implement a learning strategy)
-Understand the Performance support dimensions (study the systems that are available to support)
-Study the Evaluation dimensions (study the skill level required by your organization to implement an  evaluation and quality control structure)
-Finally analyze the strategies (identify your organizations expectations and whether your training programs is in line with the corporate strategic plan)

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