Friday, 11 November 2016

Part 4: Rationality of Implementing ROI’s

Dear HR , Training and Learning & Development Heads,

From my last article of ROI training -  Part 3: Transforming your HR/ L&D Dpt/ Training Dpt to fit your ROI purpose first.    Now, lets move on to Part 4.

Are you rational about implementing ROI’s
Programs, processes and projects are implemented routinely throughout all types of organizations, but as the cost of these programs escalate, the budgets for these initiatives become targets for others who would like to divert the money to their own projects.  Along with the fact that costs are rising, there are other specific issues driving the current need to measure the results of learning and development, performance improvement, and human resources programs.

 Here are the specific issues you need to consider before implementing ROIs:
·                 Consequences of In-effective Programs
·                 Linking to Strategic Initiatives
·                 Top Executive Requirements
·                 The Need for Balanced Measures
·                 Desire to Contribute
Until our next sharing on ROIs in trainings, have a great weekend. If you need more explanation on the above, we are happy to serve.

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