Friday, 11 November 2016

Part 3: Transforming your HR/L&D Department/ Training Department to fit your ROI purpose first

Dear HR , Training and Learning & Development Heads,
From my last article of ROI training -  Part 2: Is your organization ready for ROI Implementation for Training.    Now, lets move on to Part 3.
Times are changing and so must your department.  Here are 3 steps to think about on how to transform your department to keep in touch with our current times:
Step 1: Rationalize - This means - streamline, downsize, and simplify what the your department does. It is necessary because until you have a complete picture of what is going on in the organization, it is very difficult to change anything in a logical way. Simply, this phase is when L&D objectively considers all aspects of their organization (assets, processes, technology, methods – all of it) and determines those that are no longer serving the business.
Step 2: Restructure - The goal of transformation should not be to significantly add or detract resources from the department. It’s actually to think differently about how resources are used.
Step 3: Reinvent - The previous phases in the transformation process focus mainly on getting things in order: scrutinizing budgets, content, skills, realigning processes, people, and technology. Doing these things helps L&D become more efficient, effective, and aligned with the larger organization. Reinventing your department means going beyond having solid systems and processes, understanding the learning architecture, and focusing on continuous learning. It demands L&D to step out of its comfort zone and experiment and innovate. Experimentation and innovation should become second nature to L&D professionals.

Until our next sharing on ROIs in trainings, have a great weekend.

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