Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Top 2 Global Trends in HR for Y2014

In preparations to welcome Y2014 for the trainings required, here are top 2 trends listed on learning webs from USA corporate companies for your perusal.

1. The Rise of the Blended HR Resume

We are seeing a growing demand in all regions for talent with a blend of HR Generalist and Specialist experience. For Generalist roles, some previous Specialist experience is seen as a key differentiator and a real plus. For HR Specialists, talent with some prior HR Generalist experience is often viewed as being more commercial/closer to the business; and more capable of handling specific HR challenges than counterparts who have not specialized. This is a growing sentiment among some of our most senior HR clients in leading multinationals. We expect this view to become increasingly prevalent in 2014.

2. Talent Disciplines - More Sophistication and Differentiation

Another important trend we are seeing is the individual Talent disciplines (e.g. Organizational Development, Talent Management, Talent Development, Learning, Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning), becoming more differentiated and sophisticated areas of specialization under the broader Talent umbrella. At a very senior level, we are also seeing more instances of multinationals employing a Head of Talent or Chief Talent Officer who would generally report & provide leadership and focus on Talent within the organization.

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