Wednesday, 23 October 2013

2 Tips to Discipline your Employees before they get ready to attend a training.

This article taken from the web, is meant for you to educate and discipline your employees minds before they get ready to go for trainings.

1.      Ensure your employees understand truly important topics or concepts within the training program.
       -(You can get the matched trainer to send you important synopsis of the training and then you send this teasers to your employees)
2.      Approach the training in a number of ways. Any training is more likely to be understood if it has been approached or expressed through diverse a range of activities.  It is at this point’, the disciplined mind,.  A good trainer ‘will draw on several intelligences in inculcating key concepts and processes’.  
      -(You can get the trainer to provide you with case study sample papers and you can email to your employees for them to read before attending the workshop)
      -(You can get the trainer to provide some books to read to your employees before they attend the training)
Let us know if this 2 tips work!

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