Wednesday, 23 October 2013

2 Leadership Latest Trends Y2014

Lately, we have been receiving many calls from customers asking TLMM to inform them about the latest training trends in leadership.  Below points will be the latest trends in the area of Leadership Training Programs. (this article has been adapted from the USA learning portals)
1. Collaboration technology. We’ll see the evolution of social media tools designed to do more than report – they’ll be purpose-built collaboration technologies. Of course smart companies and leaders, as noted above, are using social media to increase collaboration today, but the usual suspects haven’t completely figured out how to tie it back to culture in a way that builds a genuine sense of collaboration. The need for leaders to manage communication styles to take advantage of new social channels is growing monthly. A number of very sharp firms are fielding analytics tools which are transforming how companies track reputation, sentiment and even forecast product demand.
TLMM Suggestion for Malaysian Customers: To consult Google Analytic suppliers and seek their advise how to incorporate technology into modules of leadership training.

2) As Baby Boomers become more anxious about retirement prospects, look for a multi-generational collision in the workplace. The country – the world really – needs to put Millenials, Gen X and Y to work, but the jobs just aren’t there in many regions. Boomers are sticking around, and their collective wisdom isn’t something to give up lightly. Boomers also don’t have Millenial-style expectations – such as ‘I’ve been here for two years, how come I’m not a Director yet.’ Leaders need to sort this out and fast. Young talent is awesome, but some students I mentor (high school and college students) don’t think they want to work 60 hour weeks, which many older workers took as gospel when they entered the workforce. There are differing expectations now in the world of work. Challenging times lie ahead for leaders, managers and HR pros who are not able to adopt rapidly to innovation and the unique communication needs of different generations. We need open-minded, passionate, talented people of all generations to work together as one.
TLMM Suggestion for Malaysian Customers: To headhunt for trainers from Gen X  that can train the upcoming Millenials about cultural differences in leadership handling.


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