Sunday, 13 October 2013

List of training titles from animals

The Learning MatchMakers goal is to headhunt the best credible trainers beyond compromising quality irregardless if customers has a low budget to spend. 

In this article we wish to share with you interisting titles taken from animal books.  You can use this trainings as an addition on training for the purpose of management and leadership. By using this parables, we realised it simplifies things and sets the tone for a relaxed understanding during the training programs.

List of training titles from animal lessons are:

Who Moved my Cheese
A story about a human spirit overcoming change and transition
This story is good for any employee to making a change in their own personal values and moving towards changing for the company values.

How Stella Saved the Farm
A story to innovate and find new products to keep setup profitable. 
This story is good for employees who are heads of marketing and business developments

Our Iceberg is Melting
A story of people successfully  responding to change in an ever-changing world
This story is good for heads of departments to understnad the 8-Step Process for Leading Change can succeed in creating needed change in any sort of environment.

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