Monday, 21 October 2013

Choosing a trainer based on attitude only - How to Hire the Best?

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The Learning MatchMaker’s article for this week is: Choosing a trainer based on attitude only – How to Hire the Best?

However the question posted here is: After you have selected that trainer and he has done many batches of training for you for the first year, why don’t you engage with him in the second year should this training still be on your training plan?

Here are some tips to consider when hiring a trainer based on his attitude attributes only.
1.     Inquisitive mind, desire to learn (with some foundation in technology), and flexibility
2.     Respect for coworkers and a sense that trainers have a responsibility to their other customers (how can you spotcheck? Well check on Linkedin and FB)
3.     Outgoing personality
4.     Demonstrated ability to instruct (at the basic level) – (you can spotcheck him through posting some difficult ‘instruction’ questions and see if he can answer well)

Measuring the potential of the selected trainers:

To assess their skills, The Learning MatchMaker usually requires that all trainers go through a set screening process which includes:
·         10 minute presentation (we invite them to our HQ office located in Jalan Ipoh and our consultants interviews them and observe their presentation)
·         Live Training (we view them during their live training sessions.  If we cannot be granted a seat due to privacy reasons then we seek tubes/videos and reference checks)
·         An audition (we match them to ordinary customers who don’t require much expectations and if this trainer passes with excellence, we store them for big projects)

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