Monday, 30 September 2013

Ten Problems of Traditional Training

If you have problems getting buy in from your employees, you should consider to read this

Ten Problems of Traditional Training:

1-     Few willing participants. Employees do not want to attend training
2-     Those forced to attend bring with them the attitude of a prisoner.
3-     Worn-out, burnt-out training professionals with no passion for facilitating great learning.
4-     Old, tired, and outdated content that does not resonate with participants
5-     Topics of interest to top management with no connection to participants' world.
6-     Too much information is jammed down participants' throats.
7-     Passive attendees with no opportunities to contribute or get involved.
8-     Poor delivery that relies on ineffective methods such as one-way lecture type presentations.
9-     The training experience does not engage or impact participants.
10- Poorly designed, physically inhospitable facilities that are closer to being torture chambers than places of learning.

The Result
Very little, if any, learning takes place, resulting in wasted time, efforts, and resources, costly
missed opportunities, deprivation of people and organizations of critically needed competencies,and
bad feelings on the part of all involved. It is a tragedy of multi-billion dollar proportions suffered by
a good number of organizations throughout the USA and the world.
     The Solution
      A new kind of learning design, learning delivery, and learning environment.

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