Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Leadership Sub-Titles under Leadership Development Programs

Leadership Courses that TLMM can search and headhunt for you in our Malaysian training market.

Building Leaders: This program is designed to leverage best practices,  connects to real-world demands, to generate powerful conversations that provide a clear path for action for your leaders in your company.
Building Managers: This program is designed to leverage best practices, connects to real- world demands, to generate powerful conversations that provide a clear path for action for managers in your company.
Workload Management: This workshop will help participants gain control of their workload and lead in solutions to increase productivity and improve morale. (our Malaysian way of naming this training is called 'Time Management')
Influencing Corporate Culture: This workshop is about creating corporate culture that enables people to perform at their best. Learn what it takes to be an emotional intelligence leader and to build trust through coaching and counseling skills.
Delegation Dilemma: This workshop provides help for managers who are reluctant to delegate. Learn to identify your personal roadblocks of delegating, execute the five steps of effective delegation, distinguish between what should and should not be delegated.
Managing Employee Performance: Are you a manager, supervisory or a person who is responsible for helping employees perform at their highest potential? Learn the performance management cycle and learn to identify and clearly communicate goals and expectations.
Coaching For Performance: This workshop focuses on developing the critical skills needed to coach employees who not are meeting expectations to increase productivity.
Fundamental Leadership Skills Training provides participants with the fundamentals needed to develop and improve their effectiveness as a leader. They learn to identify and apply the leadership skills of other effective leaders, deal with value challenges and gain followers.
Effective Leadership Development focuses on the elements of situational and grassroots leadership and examines leadership from a personal, team and organizational perspective.
Value Based Leadership is a discussion-based approach to corporate values, individual competencies and improved individual and team effectiveness. The Values Based Leadership builds on the foundation of Myers Briggs Type Indicator profiles to enhance communication ability.

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