Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Greater Expectations: Even Great Trainers need to throughly understand what customer really want

We know that you are a great Trainer, but Customers always have a greater expectation.  So moving forward, you as the trainer need to really spill out everthing on the table before doing the training.  Here are some points to consider before engaging a training.  (This write up is only for Great Trainers - and it may be you)

Rising expectations of the Management are driven by information from the Training Manager and may result to rating a great Trainer 'low'.
A great trainer that we matched received a very low rating from a customer. Both of us were shocked.  After doing post mortem with the customer and with the trainer, we realised that the expectations of the Management were very different from what the Training Manager has imposed upon the trainer and although during the training the trainer received many compliments, the feedback received from the MD who sat in the workshop for half a day was not pleasing. 

Price is no longer a factor in purchasing decisions
In parts of Malaysia, companies are still focused on price, but many companies are willing to pay for better service of trainers even though price may be higher. So if you have what it takes, dont offer your training program for RM10K for 2 days but offer it at RM16K for 2 days and see your results.

Companies in Malaysia are not putting enough emphasis on quality of training
Although many companies engage in trainings for over many decades, it is  known fact that issues still remain the same.  TLMM is very certain that this is because of the lack of emphasize on quality of the training and the focus on Post Evaluation Stage 3 and 4

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