Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Steps to leaving a legacy in training

Trust the good in people
- Having a great team is important in order to succeed in the corporate training world.  Trusting the good in others is step one to having a legacy to remember.   Example, if you are a very experienced and highly demanded Leadership Trainer, you may want to train other fellow trainers to become like you.  When you do your trainings, you can take them along on field trips. To avoid the risk and the question of them stealing your materials etc, you may want to consider signing up MOUs and Retainer Agreements.

Advertise, Advertise and Advertise
- There is no other alternative than investing heavily in advertisements/ social media tools to increase the awareness of your company brand.  Once your customers are familiar about your company brand, there is no other avenue they would want to go besides your company.

Sign up with TLMM
- Our company takes full pride in increasing branding of freelance trainers.  We have a motto called ' speak up, stand out and move ahead'.  Call us and we will tell you what we are talking about.

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