Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Are your skills in Facilitating or Organizing a Facilitating event Correct?

Dear HR, Training & L&D Department,

Are your skills in Facilitating or Organizing a Facilitating event Correct?

I am just back from a group facilitation observation and learnt a lot of areas than can be improved in the areas of the learners and the ambience of the room.

Hence here are some quick tips for you to do with your participants and props to have in the room, in advance before a 'Business Strategy/ Brainstorming facilitation takes place.

What can be done in advance with your learners:

  1. Conduct an online/ print out Creative and Analytical test - you can do this for FREE. 
Here is some links for you.
  • Understanding my personality
for me, I am a Commandor.

  • Understanding if i am left brain or right brain.
for me, I was a right brain (very creative) but wanted to be a left brain too. Now my test says I am both.  The best is to be both sides.

Why should  I do this:  once you know your participants are which type of brain (creative/analytical), you need to divide them equally in their right groups and get them seated in designated places of your choice for proper outcome of idea generations.

What can be done with the ambience of the room:
1. For each table, provide a set of training props - stress balls, Tossing balls, Hats (Edward De Bono Hats)
2. For each table, provide a wallet of Tool Definitions - e.g. Pareto, Fish Bone, etc.  Because this are the tools, that will guide your participants throughout the workshop.

Use Edward De Bono Hats throughout the class to make it fun and engaging during breakouts.  

That is all I have to share for this week.
Until my next observation in Malaysia, have a good learning weekend!

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