Monday, 16 April 2018

Did you Hire a Conman as your Corporate Trainer?

Dear HR, Training and L&D Departments,

Did you Hire a Conman as your Corporate Trainer?

A lot of HR folks, thinks screening is only for employees, but what if you can look at screening trainers?

Well, help me understand something?  How do you know if your selected trainer or training provider is a con-artist?  Oh yeah...they can have a Doctrate, write fantastic books, speak at TedX or have great big clients under their brand and provided great engaged experiences to your employees.

But what if you don't know that: 

- your trainer is unethical in his business dealings with other partners?   
- your trainer cons retired people for their money?
- your trainer beats up his wife at night?
- your trainer does not pay his taxes to the government since establishing his company?
- your trainer is a very angry person and yells at all his staff foul language.
- your trainer has 4 training companies under his account. So when  you ask for a proposal from him, he will also ask his other partners to send to you, but all of that partners is under his group. (Don’t you think that’s cheating?)

KPMG 2016 reported on Fraud Traits of a person:
-38% of fraudsters are perceived to be well respected & 10% are of low repute. Their sense of superiority is stronger than their sense of fear and anger.

Did you know that people become conman because
1. Greed & Lifestyle - 55%
2.  Financial pressure - 42%
Source: KMPG fraud report 2013

TLMM blacklists trainers and training providers because WE KNOW!

Hire TLMM for your entire training plans. Our benefits:
- Smarter Screening – we don’t favor any partner but match based on strengths and attitude.
- Intelligent Hiring – we are constantly being a ‘watchdog’ in the industry.  We don’t want to know everyone, there is no use! HRDF has 15000 trainers registered. Everyday there is a TTT workshop.
- Stronger expertise in Learning Contents – we become your ‘devils advocate’. We shall tell you what can be the wrong type of contents or methods not suitable for your learners maturity & understanding.

Until our next article, screen your trainers carefully today – there are a lot of conman in Malaysia and its getting worst!

Quote for December 2017: The Gift of the Past matters most, when creating Our Future, Be WISE on your HIRING OF TRAINERS!

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