Monday, 16 April 2018

Can Telling Stories Uplift your Employees Motivation?

Dear HR, Training & L&D Department,

Can Telling Stories Uplift your Employees Motivation?

I recalled my childhood days of my dad telling me stories until i reached the age of teenage hood.  Believe it or not, his stories was so powerful that it gives me a lift on my inner strength (my feelings, my thoughts, my soul) the entire day.  Looking back at my previous 2 articles on stories, i wanted to link the way how by sharing stories (your personal stories, other people stories, company brand stories ) can transform some small change within your employee.  

So here are 2 tips on how you can use your stories to uplift your employees motivation.

1. Firstly, as a HR, L&D Head and Training Head before you go zooming into telling stories, firstly you need to know how to maintain enthusiasm of your people, which I am sharing with you 4 goals which is vital for all employees seeking to work productively:
ü  Equity: To be respected and to be treated fairly in areas such as pay, benefits, and job security. Solution:  Stay true as a people person and research best ways on Equity.
ü  Achievement: To be proud of one's job, accomplishments, and employer. Solution: Try to say ‘Good Job’ often
ü  Camaraderie: To have good, productive relationships with fellow employees. Solution: Try having a smiling face.

2. Telling short stories to your employees takes roughly 3 to 5 mins.  With Questions from your employee will probably take another 5 mins.  
ü  Focus on signature stories (an event, an experience or a person) that is core to who you are and transformation of how your story can uplift your employee.

In conclusion:
Definition of stories by 2 marketing Professors from UC Berkley & Stanford University Business School:
Signature stories are a powerful way to gain awareness, communicate, persuade, change behaviour and precipitate discussions. They are almost always far more efficient and impactful than simply communicating facts or features. 

Making your stories unforgettable will provide an impact to your employees and uplift their spirits to work harder and wiser for your company.

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