Friday, 11 November 2016

Unique Talents - How Do you Develop proper Learning Habits for your Talented?

Dear Talent Department,

Recently I was speaking to many talent managers, and had a few ideas on how to make your learning habits of your talented better.

1.   The Leadership Table-Talk
Buy books for your talent to read and give them a time period to finish reading the books.  Once read, invite the book author to share during the leadership table-talk and have a conversation going on.

2.  Utilize the FREE Survey Monkey Software
     This process is an independent learning system. Your talented are given projects to execute.  They will use this software to ask questions, study the data and report to you.

3.    Brain Based-Learning
Online have many free brain games.  One of them is our local partner  called BrainGymmer.  Do call us if you wish to purchase their games.

4.   Exchange programs for the Talented
Your talent can be assigned to your subsidiary companies or a non competitive company (like a small entrepreneur company like mine).  Your talent can think and strategies how to perfect better the business, manage the team and even implement plans.  With this learning and real time practice their ‘eyes’ will be really open on how to really lead their teams back in their own office.

5.   Consistent Coaching (Corridor Coaching)
Talents are suppose to be leaders. Hence they need to know the art of coaching.  If you wish to engage in a coaching system. Visit our subsidiary at . Or else just practice Corridor Coaching methods.  Its workable and fun.  It only takes 3 minutes a day to ask someone how are you doing, and listen to them.

This article is only for a few selected customers of ours who are in the Talent Department.  Do read on.
Until my next sharing, happy reading and implementing folks!

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