Wednesday, 20 April 2016

What will Training Really Fix for you This Year ?

Hi to:  L&D departments, Training departments, HR departments,

This article is by Steven Boller, one of TLMM’s gurus that we adore.

I am sure you have heard this statement from your HOD  ‘ We need training on…….’. 

In the short term, the need seems simple. Maybe your company has done the TNA and further audit checks to ensure the needs. Or perhaps you’re hearing things about “mobile/ learning systems” and feel like the training you deliver to your customers should be more “modern”, but you aren’t quite sure what that really means or what problem you are actually trying to solve. We have the solution for you:

Take the Time for Analysis
A well-conducted analysis is a crucial step when you truly want to solve a performance issue. A good analysis will:
  • Find out what results a job is supposed to produce for the company.
  • Identify if it is something that can be trained internally.
  • Look at internal and external factors that impact performance.
  • Identify what impacts results and what does not.
  • Separate fact from opinion.
This is why analysis is so important. It’s an essential, yet often overlooked, part of the process of creating a truly impactful learning solution.

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