Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Training is Taking a Beating during this Downtime (Important Programs for Consideration)

Dear HR , Training and Learning & Development Heads,

Cutting training programs during a recession can have benefits because of the cost savings, but such cuts may stunt the long term growth  of the organization, making it more susceptible to market forces and competition down the line.  Should you think of looking at further new insights of training topics, here is our short list of training titles adopted from USA websites mainly.

·         Reengineering Culture
·         Balance Score Cards to Organizational Change
·         Employer Branding
·         Risk Mitigation
·         am Performance trainings

FYI – When making difficult decisions about how to spend your budget on training and development, consider these questions in your mind:

Q1: Determine your Top Business Priorities (determine the key drivers of increasing profits during this downtime)
Q2: Develop training programs that meets those needs only
Q3: Determine how to measure success on every training dollar you spend
Q4: Review quickly the outcomes of that training program (don’t wait too long)
Q5: Invest in your best most high potential people (Be ready for the upturn)

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