Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A Hollistic Guide to Using Innovative System to Lead the Next Generation for Talent/Succession Planning/Retention

Dear HR , Training and Learning & Development Heads,

As your younger workers join in your company, you will certainly see a massive drop in employee engagement. Why?

Do you know:

·         21st century employees have shorter attention span
·         They consume content all-the-time
·         They are always –on-the-go
·         They won’t hesitate to leave an employer if they’re dissatisfied with work and you

Ask yourself these questions:

·         Are we stuck in our same ways of leading based on past experiences?
·         Are your people’s leadership styles relevant now?
·         Are you allowing the next generation to voice their opinions?
·         Are you encouraging ‘learn anywhere, anytime’ automation online systems?

So don’t hold back on telling yourself that your employees are ‘not ready’ to face innovation, as they are certainly ready, but ARE YOU as the EMPLOYER READY?

Don’t repel your best young talents, retain them by considering:

1.      Millennial recognize that professional development is the pathway for success

This guy don’t want to wait for the slow climb up, they want to get on ‘that rocket ship’ and   gain that position and salary

2.      Nothing is important to  Millenials than doing work that matters

These guys are on constant search for meaning, and they are demanding it more than ever.  The better you can innovate your learning systems, the better chance you have at retaining and having a strong succession pipeline

3.      Try to explore, develop, design and constantly measure innovative ways to engage your workforce

4.      Millennial demand autonomy to do their best work

Today you can run a global business with just a laptop and an internet connection.  Millenials knows success comes from putting in the effort to get outstanding results – no matter where they are, what they’re wearing, or what time they clocked in.

5.      Millennial don’t want to play by the rules.

Today millennials understands that theres always a faster, smarket and better way to do things. They are born hackers.  Always on the lookout for the next smart cut or workaround technique.

6.      Too much information?

Millennial cant get enough communication.  They are flooded with information via their gadgets

7.      L&D/ Training Departments and HR Departments touches the complete life-cycle of an employee

These departments should be more than just an ‘administrator’ they should act as a Curator, creating best ways to innovate learning from On boarding to Training to Support. And that’s how you develop, sustain and retain your young talents.

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