Monday, 12 October 2015

Performance Appraisal in an Agile Environment (Part 2)

Dear Training, HR and Learning and Development Heads,

Performance Appraisal in an Agile Environment?

We started to research on Performance Appraisal after listening to one of our clients getting confused to know how to conduct a training on PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL (Performance Appraisal training was already on their Training Plan).  We obviously told them don’t do this training until they are really sure to know what exactly they wanted on their Performance Appraisal.  So while we were researching, we came across a great speak named Dr. Armin Frost.  Please listen to his talk.  Great speaker!

Until our next sharing folks!
Regards, Research team of TLMM

Hope this research helps us all with our learning growth.

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