Friday, 29 May 2015


1.   Pay attention to your talented player

Make sure that you spend more time with your star employees than your troublesome employees.

2.   Conduct a “stay-interview’

Many organizations conduct “exit-interviews” when people are leaving a company, but by then it is too late, your talented employee has already made the decision to leave.

Instead, get ahead of the game, and sit down with your team members today and find out what motivates them, what their career aspirations are and what frustrates them.

3.   Tackle poor performance immediately

Before an employee becomes “actively disengaged” ‘, there are usually tell-tale signs and symptoms that indicate all is not well- result may drop, attitudes become cynical.

4.   Take a talent snapshot

Are you leveraging the strength of everyone on your team or relying on just a few “go-to” people?

Give your employees the opportunity to do their best work and ensure that they look forward to coming to work every day.

5.   Develop leadership and management skills of first-line managers

Best-in-class organizations provide training and tools to managers to help them better engage their employee.

Gallup’s quote that “people join companies, but leave managers” is a true today as it has ever been.

Given that employee turnover can cost between 35%-250% of annual salary, it clearly makes good business sense to help managers keep their employees engaged.

Morag Barrett is the best-selling author of Cultivate : The Power of Winning Relationship and CEO of SkyeTeam.

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