Friday, 24 April 2015

What is Collaborative Learning?

Write Up 2 (please read the previous write up by Jay Cross)
Collaborative Learning is learning without borders. Organizations improve it by removing obstacles, seeding communities, increasing bandwidth, encouraging conversation, and growing networks. It’s a natural way to learn and grow.
The pace of progress is faster than ever before. A rising tide of information threatens to swamp us all. People work at one career after another. Workers must learn all the time to remain productive and relevant. Organizations that fail to learn will die.
Learning can no longer take place outside of work: you’d miss too much. Besides, learning on the job is more effective than learning outside of the job. Learning must be embedded in work. As a result, work and learning are becoming indistinguishable. The work is learning and learning is the work.
Follow these steps to get a jump on collaborative learning in your organization. .
Focus on helping high performers work smarter; novices aren’t the only people who need to learn. 
Stop punishing people for failed experiments; if you never fail, you’re not innovating. 
Create a directory that enables people to locate who knows what. 
Apply the 80/20 rule to critical functions and seed communities of practice around them. 
Encourage people to narrate their work, documenting what they do to share with others. 
Root out information hoarding; make sharing the norm. Some companies fire hoarders. 
Reduce cycle time: with instant messaging, Twitter, and podcasts, the world’s not going any slower. 

When feasible, substitute self-service and peer learning for workshops. 

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