Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Using Theatre Based Approach into Corporate Training

Train your stuff using theatre based approaches , The Learning MatchMaker's jobscope os to audit trainers and then match them to the perfect customer. Recently we were auditing a couple from Britain and they had an amazing approach in training which was the use of theatre. So we decided to write this article for all those Training Managers and HR Managers to understand further on how to evolve your training methodologies into a theatre and drama based programme only on the goal to lead your learners to remember the training better, study an independent evaluation for real time events and choices that impact their behaviour and work. You can use this threatre based approach into many trainings example change management,customer service,leadership developments skills to handling culture and personal issues.

1. Before the training, ensure your high potential trainer interviews indiviual participants, their bosses and the HR/Training Department.

2. Date of the interviews are put together in the form of a dramatic performance.

3. Represent the performance through sublte facts, just enough in having to learn and identify it back to the objectives of the training.

Benefits of theatre based approach into your corporate training.

1. Offer learners to engage their sensory , emotional , kinesthetic and cognitive processer by increasing awareness of verbal and nonverbal communication.

2. Learners will remember because this relates back to their real life work, So why wait. Call us and we will match you with the high potential trainers.

By , Cheryl Lourdes

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