Thursday, 12 June 2014


Hi guys , 

So these are the ways to get out of startup training company into a Growth Mode Big Time Player! 

1. Delegate. To grow you have to start investing in people , so that you can grow in a way when you are doing a task that you can no longer do. As they always say , "Time is what rich people buy and what poor people sell" . Main point here is that , we should start spending wisely.

2. Pick your battles. Gaining customers , making money and hunting big games are indeed very important. 

3. It is also important for you to get attention for you and your company. Get noticed, get criticized and prove your worth. 

4. Change your pitch. When you are growing , you have to change your language. For instance, Instead of saying , I own a leadership training company tell yourself that I have to help the company to increase its leadership capabilites within. Be ready to quickly explain about your company , better , faster and are value to the market place then make big claims to the world. For example , if you fail all that hardwork would have taught you lessons to make a fitter organization and that's my friend is called growth. 

5. Create Urgency. If you start your training business adventure without any specific timeline for actions achievements, you will be stuck forever. 

Happy Friday Amazing People! 

By ,  Divwya Deszebelle Ann

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