Friday, 14 March 2014

Thoughts from a Leader

Stephen Green is a former British trade minister and former chairman of HSBC, the global Banking group, Answers questions on "Leadership".

Question 1. What makes a good Leader?

Reply. "Even if you don't have anyone reporting to you, you still interact with other people either in the institution or with clients and you have the opportunity to lead."

Question 2. What are these wider leadership responsibilities?

Reply: "As part of Leadership you have to think about helping people's development. People are ends well as means. People are there as means to get a job done. To give feedback, affirmation, guidance and corrections, and if you abdicate that, you are just treating people as disposable means."

Question 3. How do you pick the right people?

Reply: "Partly by instinct, partly by having empathy. Good leadership requires good empathy."

Question 4. When you hired people, what are the main traits that you were looking for in candidates?

Reply: "Energy, enthusiasm, ability, experience, a sense of liveliness and readiness to go out there. There has to be a sense that the person can work with other people."

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