Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Article by George Kohlrieser - Talent Management and leadership development

Hi there, Over the weekend, we read an article by "The Leaderonomics" and they have advertised their speaker named George Kohlrieser. For those of us who don't know about leading speakers, let us tell you. This speaker is a world renowned author that won international bestselling books - "Hostage at the Table and Care to Dare."

So here are some of the points learned from his article and the awesome wisdom he has given to you and me: Talent Management and Leadership development- Is there a difference?

1. "It doesn't necessarily mean leadership in a direct way, but is more of a process of developing these fundamental competencies and taking talents to a higher level."

2. "Leadership development focuses on how leaders learn to manage themselves and to influence others, which involves emotional and social intelligence."

3. "Truly effective leadership is the ability to create that vision and then inspire people to come along with you, endure the pain and even sacrifice to achieve a greater benefit."

4. "with the many talent management initiatives and methodologies sprouting, such as six sigma, lean and kaizen, Kohlrieser doesn't think it is a passing fad and is certain that it is absolutely sustainable."
5. "The good news is, talent is something we primarily learn and develop. Of course, genetic or hereditary factors play a part, but leaders are not born; they are made,"

6. "Decide the skills that you want to develop and focus, focus, focus, you cannot be and expert in everything, so leverage on your strength and select the area you want to be an expert in."

Happy reading!

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