Sunday, 16 February 2014

Future of Training in Malaysia

We hope you have started the year with a blast.  Well The Learning MatchMaker has started our year with a blast too.  To help you look at innovative ways of learning, we wish to show you an article that can help you and your management perceive training in a better way.

Do read on and learn.

Implement Just-in-Time Training
All trainers know that the best way to learn something is by doing it. That’s what just-in-time training enables people to do. Rather than sit in a classroom and learn, people learn in real time. Remember, most employees have a multimedia computer with them at all times (their phone or tablet). With just-in-time training, they can access any element of what they need to know at the moment of need. If they have a question or need assistance, they simply touch an icon on their device’s screen and are connected to a live trainer who can help. If the trainer needs to see something to give assistance, the employee can aim the device’s built-in camera at the problem so the trainer can see it. This alone would cut training costs tremendously.
Does this mean we eliminate classroom training? No. There will still be classroom training, but less of it because now we can have distributed training in real time that is just in time. So this isn’t about getting rid of something; it’s about using a new tool for training and education.

Create Interactive Training Materials
We also now have the ability to create interactive training manuals and textbooks. In the past, e-books have been static, basically an electronic PDF of the book. Now they are becoming dynamic e-books where you have embedded audio, video, and links to other resources. And thanks to visual communications, you can even have a way for employees to tap a special button in the training manual and be connected to someone who can give more advanced training on a specific subject.  Additionally, employees can tap into a series of videos that allows them to personalize the training for their specific needs. Since the training manual is no longer static, employees can personalize the manual by plugging into a menu of more advanced training options embedded within.

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