Monday, 18 November 2013

The Hiring Process of a Trainer at TLMM

There are just to many trainers in our current Malaysian training market.  To ensure quality is constant when we match, here are our 8  process when we decide to hire a trainer or training provider. 

1. An initial phone conversation with the trainer or training provider
2. Viewing the trainers website/linkedin page/ facebook/ twitter/ google pages to see if this trainer is genuine to begin with.
3. An email write up of introduction
4. An initial face to face interview either at TLMM's office or outside maybe at a coffee shop.
5. A behavioral observation time slot to view the trainer speak in action
6. An interview with the trainer after we have viewed him or her in action
7. Reference calling of the trainers current customers
8. A visit to the trainers office and signing of TLMM's contract with the trainer.

TLMM will only start our process until the training need arises.  Along the way, should we come across a great trainer, we will only keep him or her in our contacts first.

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