Sunday, 10 November 2013

Millennials Leadership Style - An Overview by Forbes

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TLMM researched an interesting article that depicts the leadership style of millennials in US. According to Forbes US survey: 36% of millennials felt ready to enter leadership roles, 30% still do not feel ready today because of conflicts, lack of experience and managing difficult people. 

In Malaysia, TLMM have observed that most of them are not aware of leadership responsibilities because of less interest in others but more interest in themselves (FB, their daily Twits and their social lives)

Here are some points on factors on who, what and how millennials are:

Who do they want to be:

1. Approachable, open and transparent
2. Ethical, fair, honest and trustworthy
3. Analytical

What they want to do:

1. Develop skills, inspire and motivate

How they want to communicate:

1. Clearly articulate ideas and opinions
2.  Have truthful and transparent conversation
3. Take action based on subordinate feedback

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