Thursday, 21 November 2013

Items to Prepare in your Mobile Training Kit

 Do you do In-House trainings often?  How prepared are you with your Training Kit?

Get tips on what to prepare with your own Mobile Training Kit!


We’d recommend you to consider the following items:
  • Pointing device – a laser pointer generally does the trick.      
  • Projection Equipment (keep one as back up, just in case customers projector fail) – portable projectors are now inexpensive enough and bright enough to make a lot of sense even if you know projection equipment is being provided.  
  • Notebook or Laptop computer (or iPad) – for powering your presentation.  We’d recommend having a smart phone backup as well that you can hook into your projector.
  • Digital Material Access – put your presentation materials on a USB key but we’d also recommend storing course materials on Dropbox or some other cloud based file system in case your key doesn’t work.
  • Spare Papers, Pencils and Pens – yes, customers should prepare this for you but it never hurts to have some spares.
  • Aspirin and Band-Aids – sometimes accidents happen while setting up equipment.  Serious things should be dealt with seriously, but for a scrape a band aid is helpful.
  • Spare Cords – bring a spare power cable for your projector and other equipment.  Also pack a 15 foot heavy extension cable in case the room is configured weirdly.
  • Dongles and Adapters – some Macs and PCs require adapters.  Bring a DVI, VGA, and HDMI adapter so you can support all TV, monitor and projector types.
  • Spare Markers – both whiteboard and permanent.
  • Sign-in sheets and Evaluation Forms – pack a few spares here, but also include them in your Course Materials for each student.
  • Company Fliers / Business Cards – Always handy to have these when presenting!
  • Emergency Contact Information – Have a list of corporate phone numbers including tech support resources in case things go wrong.
  • Sticky Notes/ Table Props - We would recommend you to buy a couple of this as a spare, just in case your participants feel boring during you train, you can entertain them with your props.
  • Purchase a professional briefcase - Store all the items above in this briefcase and put this in your car boot. 
Let me know if this works out fine for you.  Until then,
Regards, Cheryl

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