Sunday, 18 August 2013

Are your New Trainers doing a good job?

Based on research with many of our customers, they often complain that their new internal trainers are no performing the way they wanted. 

The Learning MatchMaker aims to help many customers look at options and recommendations to improve the overall health of their Training Department.  Hence we have researched this rating list to rate your New Trainers:

Classroom appearance
  • Was the classroom neat, attractive, inviting?
  • Were student workstations ready when class started?
Use of objectives
  • Were the session’s objectives clearly stated to the participants?
  • Did participants understand what they were to be doing that day?
Delivery of instruction
  • Did the trainer use the book or lesson plan?
  • Did the trainer use good judgment in modifying the lesson plan to fit the majority of participants?
  • Before showing participants how to do a task, did the trainer relate the topic to the job or provide another practical lesson?
  • Were clear, step-by-step directions given for each topic?
  • Were clear instructions given prior to each exercise? Did the trainer remind participants to use other materials and resources to assist them with the exercises?
  • Did the trainer integrate the major points of a session, establishing a link between the familiar and the new, thereby providing the learner with a feeling of accomplishment?

Presentation skills
  • How well did the trainer use visual aids (flip chart, white board, projector, etc.) to help participants understand the topic presented? Were they legible and visible to all participants in the room?
  • How well did the trainers voice project to the back of the room?
  • How was the pacing of the presentation? Did participants appear bored because the pace was too slow, or frustrated because it was too fast?
  • Did the trainer verbal and visual cues together to meet the needs of different input preferences among the learners?
  • Did the trainer use the reference manual or book as an integral part of the class?

Participation from Participants
  • Did the trainer ask for questions?
  • Did the trainer give participants sufficient time to formulate and ask questions before moving on?
  • Did the trainer ask pertinent review questions at appropriate times?
  • Were the questions open-ended, stimulating synthesis and checking for conceptual understanding, rather than yes/no questions checking for recall of facts?
  • Did the trainer promote participation from all students?

Responsiveness to students
  • Did the instructor create and maintain an atmosphere conducive to involvement and learning?
  • Did the instructor relate to adult learners in ways that promoted mutual respect and rapport?
  • How did the instructor balance the different skill levels and interest levels in the classroom?
  • How well did the instructor respond to questions from students, especially if he or she did not immediately know the answer?
  • How did the instructor respond to individual business needs of the students, beyond the scope of the class?

Knowledge and preparedness
  • Did the trainer  the subject?
  • Did the trainer know the lesson plan?
  • Was the trainer organized and prepared?

 this list comes from the web.
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From the MatchMakers research team

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