Sunday, 2 June 2013

How much can an external trainer make in a month?

Being an external trainer brings great prosperity to yourself and your family. On average an external trainer earns in a month from a minimum of RM8000 to RM40000.  This depends on how good and hardworking the trainer is. Hence to have great properity one should have great responsibility. 

Here are 6 questions that a trainer should ask himself before venturing big time into the training market.

1. How big is my training market in Malaysia?
2. How big should i grow to serve this market?
3. How much cash flow should i get each  month?
4. What branding can i place my name to?
5. What value am i bringing to my customers?
6. Am i having something niched?  Eg if i am training on time management, am i coupling this training with another module?

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Regards, TLMM

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