Monday, 6 May 2013

Coruption! Does it also happen in our training industry?

Call me naive! Call me anything you want but i continue to stand by our training industry in Malaysia.  I know we deserve so much more than what we are being offered.  Coruption is a buzzword (speaking about GE 2013 on 5th May).  Our traning industry has an objective which is to train retrain and keep on training employees to improve their attitudes and increase productivity in their company.  In our company we abide with our strict rules, we may not grow that fast because we dont accept or give any bribes, but we are still going steady till todate.

So if you are a trainer who likes taking bribes, misusing HRDF funds,  issuing dummy invoices etc.  you better stop doing this nonsence write away.  I know of many trainers that does it, but once you start you will never stop.  We hear about bribery every day from our customers who use trainers of their choice because these trainers offer them bribes. 

The question is are there any regularities to govern laws in the training industry?

Cheryl Lourdes

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