Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Are there to many Training Providers? Is it easy to find a cheap Training Provider?

For the last 5 years ago, have you noticed that there are many new training companies emerging? New 'websites' popping up all over the place, and all charging cheap fees for their courses.  How is it that these providers stay afloat - even with their cheap courses run at HRDF fess?

After TLMM did some digging around, the answer turns out to be really simple. These so called Training 'Providers' that offers all these cheap courses with training venues across the country, are nothing more than training 'Brokers'. They have a very intelligent marketing team that sets up couple of websites across Malaysia and if you notice carefully you will see that their prices are all the same, the hotel venues of the training is the same and further more the payment terms look very similar.  Then in order for them to get at the top of Google, they link all the websites together (if you know your SEO, you would know what i am talking about)

There is nothing wrong about doing this but you as the consumer will think they must be a good training provider as they are at the top of Google Pages. In some cases, this may not be true....

So the next time when you think you are talking or meeting a top notch training provider that is promising you the best course , you could be infact talking to a trained sales person who has no training or experience in the training subject at all.  Then this sales person, will sub contract the course you needed to a free lance trainer which is only paid a cheap daily allowance.  If you understand our Malaysian training market, you will know that training contracts mostly get awarded to the cheapest bidder.

SO WHAT? Well here is some thing for you to consider....

1. We all heard the saying, if you pay cheap, you pay twice. Quality assurance are not measured for any training provider or trainer in Malaysia, hence a customer, discretion is at your end.  The solution is to call The Learning MatchMaker and let us become your catalyst to spot check and match the best for you.

visit us at www.thelearningmatchmaker.com.my or you can call our office to speak to our brokers.

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