Friday, 11 November 2016

Budgets are out. Training still needs to go on but selective. How do we think of interventions that save cost?

Dear HR , Training and Learning & Development Heads,

Game boards can certainly help you as one of the blended learning methods to stimulate and accelerate learning faster.

WHAT is the benefits:
·            Game boards provides hands on and heads on skills for all ages on all subjects
·            You can design each game based on the problem you are facing
·            You can easily get your employees to understand their mistakes while playing the game
·            You can reinforce learning and insure retention through just by playing and exprimenting through multiple case scenarios
·            You can repeat this games to demonstrate again better outcomes – This makes your employees get more focused to become better on the next game

WHY is it cost effective:
·            You can purchase this games through game board experts in Malaysia and train your own people to facilitate and debrief during the game play
·            You can promote more collaborations within departments and build on communications

Need to know how to use Game Boards? 
If you need more explanation on the above, we are happy to serve.

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