Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Wellness Ideas - How to Place in Great Tools

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A recent Gallup poll revealed that 85% of companies have employee wellness program in place.  I am not sure about Malaysia’s stats however I am very sure Malaysian companies (not the very very very ‘ big ones) would highly not have this programs in place.
Here are some ideas on how to place in wellness tools into your programs.

1.      Wellness rewards (Personalized rewards in line with themes of the company; culture e.g.
2.      Focus on physical and financial wellness.  It’s a recession for Malaysia – we are all having the pinch in our pockets – maybe which can be your focus to help employees learn how to save more.
3.      Instead of ordering pizza, get everyone to cook a home meal and bring over to your event
4.      Volunteering on weekends for community programs
5.      Yoga sessions
6.      Boot camps
7.      Fruit day
8.      Bring a pet to work day

In summary, its best to form a ‘Wellness committee’ to constantly think of new ideas to do.  I have also heard about employers using unique Job Titles to create the fun in the Wellness committee – e.g. Chief Gamification Officer.  

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