Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Should You Become a Coach for your Employees?

Dear HR , Training and Learning & Development Heads,

With the new generation of workers, who think and operate differently from the older ones, HRians, Training Heads and L&D Heads need to have ‘EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT SKILLS’ more than ever.

Ø  The younger workforce resist being told
Ø  The most effective way to engage them is through ‘Coaching/ Mentoring’

How to speak the right way to the younger workforce using coaching questions:
1.      Instead off:  Why are you late?
2.      Rephrase the statement:  “I noticed that you have been late coming to the office for the past week.  What can we do to help you come to work earlier?”

Why Coaching Works for Younger Workforce?
70% Improved Work Performance
61% Improved Business Management
57% Improved Time Management
51% Improved Team Effectiveness
Stats taken from ICF

Hope this article is helpful to you

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