Friday, 2 January 2015


Here is a great article about companies in Malaysia that have led the way by providing great engaging styles of working.

  TalentCorp Promotes The Adoption Of Flexible Work Arrangement By Malaysian Employers By Providing Best Practices, Tax Incentives, And Implementation Support As one of the best practices showcased on FlexWorkLife. My, Agilent Technologies’ Malaysian operations offers several options to help employees balance work and personal life, including flexible work schedules, part time work and working from home.

  All public listed companies on Bursa Malaysia must disclose diversity policies covering gender, ethnicity and age for board and workforce for annual reports issued on or after Jan 2,2015. Companies such as Sunway Group have already started disclosing their workforce diversity demographics. has example of diversity disclosure from leading organisation, as well as other best practices.

  In Penang, a northern women’s network was formed in Jun 2014, led by Dell Malaysia, Intel Malaysia and AMD Malaysia in collaboration with TalentCorp. The objective of the network is to drive programmes that will enhance the participation of women in the workforce focusing on three areas: Developing leaders Sharing best practices Establishing family-friendly facilities, e.g. childcare facilities

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