Sunday, 14 September 2014

What Coaching is? What Coaching is not!

Below is an extract from Coach Mel Liow's book, page 8 which is Bring Out Their Best.

Do read on.
What Coaching is?

Asking people great questions and seeking their opinion first.
Stopping to listen to opinions without forming judgments.
Empowering people to find solutions and to take accountability for their actions.
Looking for different options and possibilities.
Focusing on the present and being forward moving.
A tool kit to grow and develop people.
Seeking understanding, lessons and opportunities for improvement.
Setting goals and making commitments towards actions.

What Coaching is not!
Telling people what to do and giving them advise.
Listening and filtering what's wrong and right according to your thinking.  And jumping in to finish a person's sentence because you know what they are going to say.
Collecting the data, solving the problem, being the sole decision-maker.  And stopping a person from moving forward if you don't like their course of action.
Eliminating options as you go along based on criteria like 'that wont' work' or 'we've tried that before'.
Focusing on the past.
A last resort to fix behavior before sacking a person.
Seeking reasons, excuses and blame.
Hoping for the best. Complaining if things don't work out.

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