Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Monster Trainer

Don't get us wrong, this article is written based on my very recent experience matchmaking a change management trainer to a very high profile company

The Company (Our Client) had a plan which was to change mindset of their current employees and be open to new ideas. Hence with their structured set of objectives they sort of The Learning MatchMaker to seek help to find the expert (trainer) who can do this. 

After my team had reviewed The Companies employees profiles and what was the values the company has that can tie back to the change they wanted, we started this project to search for the experts in Kuala Lumpur. 

Within 24 hours, we came up with 4 experts skilled to handle this training. We provided track records, proposals and our report on each individual. 1 expert was chosen by The Company'.  This expert was excellent with his delivery but only lack 1 thing which was his temper. 

This expert is a business man in nature and was good in his work but deep deep down, he is a very angry man. How did we know?  Well The Company took nearly a year to confirm this expert because of change of management and many other issues related.  However although this expert was well aware, he continued to be bitter about this.  Finally last month, The Company called The Learning MatchMaker up to say they are ready to run this training and had given us several dates.  We rang the expert and told him about the dates.  The expert was furious and had many words to say because of the frustration of not getting confirmed for so long.  The final dates were 8&9 Sept.  The expert still argued over the phone not willing to commit only if he gets a black and white from The Company.  My team anxiously followed up with The Company but The Company was running other training programs and took their time to send the black and white. Finally it was nearly 2 weeks to the training date and I had to call the expert to at least give us his word to block this dates.  The expert was furious and said many words which was not a pretty picture if The Company knew about it.  I hang up the phone and called the boss of The Company and told her what I had to go through and on the mission of change' this expert is not the one!  She agreed and I matched another expert to replace our current expert. 

The moral of my story is there are really great expert trainers out there, but here are stories that The Learning MatchMaker has to face every day. Trainers are not what they seem to be.  They can be monsters at times.  But not all! God bless their souls!

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